Meet Lang Lieu Team

Knowing that history deserves the narration and culture deserves the appreciation, we stand by the utmost motto: “Inheritance, Preservation and Enhancement the Vietnamese culinary". It’s Lang Lieu’s core mission, as well as the pride of everyone that joins hands to complete it. When it comes to cuisine, there will always be something to be told - a mark of culture, a piece of history and a flow of time. We have always been honoured to be your storytellers, who narrate the most authentic Vietnam story with each and all of our soulful dishes.

Our Leader

The notion of Lang Lieu’s existence first came from our passionate Head chef - Mr. Vu Manh Diep. Having experienced various culinary cultures all over the world, Mr. Diep has realized the marked distinction of Vietnamese cuisine that is, unfortunately, usually overlooked. To him, Vietnam’s culinary art stands out not only because of a flavour explosion in taste, but rather the cultural and historical values instilled. By taking up cooking as his lifetime career, Chef Diep passes on his deep treasure of the Vietnamese soul by bringing spiritual meanings into traditional food. With 21-year culinary experience, he has been committed to curating the recipes that have been passed on for generations after generations, which will guarantee an original taste of Vietnam to every masterpiece of his.

Knowing that the story of origin deserves the appreciation, Mr. Diep hopes to take you on a journey back in time to sense the food by its developing process, where the ingredients, the creator and even the context, have something to reveal. When he presents his dishes, he doesn’t simply show his expertise but rather bring back a rich history full of culture in them.

The key members

Mrs. Le Thi Mao - Restaurant manager

If Mr. Diep holds the soul of Lang Lieu, Mrs. Mao represents the inner strength that maintain a firm position for the restaurant under any circumstances. Her resilience results from a disadvantaged condition during her early life, when she had no choice but to push herself forward to higher places in career and in society generally. With remarkable determination, she’s extending her limit everyday, gaining promising achievements for herself and also Lang Lieu - where she’s dedicated to raising its standard so that the guests can get the most satisfying experience they deserve.

Mr. Nguyen Van Cong - Head Chef of Cooking Class

Calm, attentive and dedicated - that’s how Mr. Cong is contributing to the shape of Lang Lieu. Such an ample experience and credibility as he may have, cooking wasn’t his first choice of career pursuit when he entered KOTO or in other words, he had no other way but to opt for cooking because of his humble background. Literally, Mr. Cong had nothing; that is, he had nothing in hand also nothing to lose. Starting at zero, he made every effort to have a better life by taking the most trivial jobs to major ones as present. Been at worst, he gives a can-do attitude to Lang Lieu for continuous improvements and better quality.

Connected by a humble start, Lang Lieu team share the same vision, attitude and spirit. The journey of marking Vietnamese traits on worldwide culinary map poses inevitable challenges, yet all of us cultivate a stamina which bonds everyone together to reach the final goal.

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