Your culinary journey starts here

At Lang Lieu's cooking class, rather than merely learning how to make traditional food, our guests will embark on a back-time journey to discover the story of origin, the growth of culture and the soul of Vietnam that have left their mark in today’s dishes.

Together with our talented chef, you'll have a chance to taste delicious Vietnamese food, experience the local lifestyle, cook with ingredients that you’ve never seen before. 

About our chef

The most important companion in your journey with Lang Lieu’s cooking class, is the person that we put so much pride in – Head chef Mr Nguyen Van Cong.

Calm, attentive and dedicated - that’s how Mr. Cong is contributing to the shape of Lang Lieu. Such an ample experience and credibility as he may have, cooking wasn’t his first choice of career pursuit when he entered KOTO or in other words, he had no other way but to opt for cooking because of his humble background. 

Mr Cong - Head Chef of Lang Lieu Cooking Class

Although I started with nothing in my hand, I was luckier than the people at the bottom of society that I still have a family, and I have aspirations

The endless fascination with Vietnamese cuisine has brought Mr. Cong's footsteps everywhere on the S-shaped land, to the most secluded places but hidden the light of culinary elites. The effort to discover is not limited to a person who has gone through as much as Mr. Cong, each trip is an achievement, all crystallized in what he passes on to the guests. His enthusiasm in cooking can inspire anyone who has come to Lang Lieu’s cooking class to the love for Vietnamese cuisine.

Mr Cong is a prime example of the qualities of Vietnamese people: hardworking, dedication and resilience. Our country have made great feats, because of such people. And so, Lang Lieu's cooking class opens you not only dishes from a cuisine that has been world famous for so long, but also the essence of a nation...

Lang Lieu cooking class with Chef Nguyen Van Cong

What's inside Lang Lieu's cooking class?

Lang Lieu Restaurant has always been dedicated to present history and culture by means of cuisine. It's our utmost honor that we can be your companion in a journey to discover a country's extraordinaries, in the most ordinary way.

Experience authentic Hanoi’s market

Market is a particularly important factor that forms the culture of Vietnam. The Vietnamese social is deeply communal, connected, and the market is considered as an important central point in that kind of community. This is a place where people come every day not only to exchange goods, but also to meet each other with tons of daily life stories. 

Lang Lieu's cooking class will take you to the largest market of Hanoi's Old Quarter which has been formed for thousands of years - Dong Xuan market, to learn about the most typical products of Hanoi people. By playing the same role as local people, you will get a true insight into the skills of shopping like a native - skills such as identifying quality goods, asking for prices or bargaining...

Explore Hanoi’s culture and history

Lang Lieu Restaurant stands by the utmost motto: “Inheritance, Preservation and Enhancement the Vietnamese culinary". Named after the progenitor of Vietnamese cuisine, we dedicate ourselves to providing a special journey back time so that every guest can fully sense Vietnamese culture-rich history

Experiencing local markets is not only about buying and tasting food, or interacting with local life, but it is also a journey of history and culture. In your walking trip to discover Hanoi’s local markets, Mr. Cong will also take you through some historical places in Hanoi. Each place set on your journey all had its own interesting story and played important roles in Vietnamese culinary development. 

Northern Vietnam all in Lang Lieu’s kitchen

During the class, with the help of our head chef, you will try cooking our menu on your own, which presents signature traditional dishes in Northern Vietnam, from the Old Quarter of Hanoi to the mountainous North-West and North-East. The menu is meticulously designed to curate the recipes that have been passed on for generations after generations, which will guarantee an original taste of Vietnam to the guests' eating.

Our chef is always willing to share his stories and listen to yours. He always considers success is to bring happy moments to each customer, and to inspire them to the love for Vietnamese food.

What to learn in Lang Lieu’s cooking class

A meal you prepare will includes: 1 appetizer, 3 main courses and 1 dessert. Although Lang Lieu Restaurant’s located in Hanoi, tourists will have the opportunity to try cooking some dishes from other areas of Northern Vietnam:

“Red River Delta” menu (from Monday to Wednesday) :The vast river and fertile soil of the delta give you numerous choice of ingredients

“Northeast-Northwest” menu ( from Thursday to Saturday) : Learn how to cook with the ingredients that nature gives Vietnamese from the forests and mountains..

“Hanoi Delicacies” menu (Sunday): Great choice for you if you love elegant and healthy dishes.

With each menu,you’ll be guided in detail about the ingredients, recipes and flavors by our chef, but if you have any creative ideas for the dishes, feel free to share them to him. 

What should I prepare for a cooking class?

Hat and sunglasses may be necessary on summer days. We always arrange the walking trip at the most favorable time of the day to avoid intense sunlight but if you haven’t got used to the Vietnam’s tropical weather, this will do you good.

A camera would be perfect for capturing beautiful images of the local life and scenes.

Comfortable and lightweight clothes are recommended, avoid wearing expensive or thick clothes while cooking.

A completely relaxed mood! Because you’re gonna have a wonderful experience.

About Lang Lieu’s cooking class:

Duration : 4 hours

Time : Daily

•    Morning : 8:30 am - 12:30
•    Afternoon : 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location : Lang Lieu Restaurant - 57 Duong Thanh Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

Price: $60/pax

:+84-24 625 446 19
      (9AM - 10PM)