From the story of food…

One reputed American novelist called Jonathan Safran Foer once said “Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.” When it comes to cuisine, there will always be something to be told - a mark of culture, a piece of history and a flow of time. The stories brought to you by food is the most lively one, since it triggers such a sensational experience that you don’t merely listen with your ears but your heart as well.

Vietnamese people, who have treasured culinary art for centuries, do not cook with just normal ingredients. They imprint their soul in everything they cook. From the most recognized dish - Pho to a local one like Banh Gai, every single dish has its journey of life. Pho inherits the subtlety and harmony from its creator - a young Hanoi woman named Thi Ba who first made it for her French lover in 1900s. Meanwhile, Banh Gai marks an era of poverty across the Northern part, when people were so lacking in food that they mixed leaf with rice and it turned out to be the first version of Banh Gai.

The cultural trademark is even more significant in ethnic specialties. Have you ever wondered why Com Lam or Thang Co plays a crucial role in the life of mountainous ethnic groups? The answer lies in a close connection between cuisine and culture. Traditional dishes can tell history, and preserve culture.

To the story of us…

Knowing that history deserves the narration and culture deserves the appreciation, Lang Lieu Restaurant stands by the utmost motto: “Inheritance, Preservation and Enhancement the Vietnamese culinary"

The very first steps that customers take with Lang Lieu Restaurant coincide with the earliest ones of Vietnamese cuisine. Dating back to the Hong Bang Dynasty, it all began when the seventh Hung King - Lang Lieu heired the throne and set a milestone for the country’s culinary development. He was the first to introduced Banh Chung and Banh Day, which were made from the most common ingredient in the country - the rice. Humble as it might seem, them held great meaning to Vietnamese people. Banh Chung is a green cake in the shape of a square, representing the Earth while Banh Day comes in a white, dome-shaped cake as a symbol of the sky. Made from the most prevalent yet precious ingredient of Vietnam, the two dishes display a balance of the universe also preserve the very core value of Vietnam.

Named after the progenitor of Vietnamese cuisine, we dedicate ourselves to providing a special journey back time so that every guest can fully sense Vietnamese culture-rich history through the food we serve. Our menu presents signature traditional dishes in Northern Vietnam, from the Old Quarter of Hanoi to the mountainous North-West and North-East. The spectacular food is made by the top prestigious chef - Mr. Vu Manh Diep. With 21-years culinary experience and a passion for traditional dishes, he has been committed to curating the recipes that have been passed on for generations after generations, which will guarantee an original taste of Vietnam to your eating.

Another way for the guests to immerse themselves in Old Vietnam is through the cooking class. The experience is not restricted in the kitchen area, but students will have a journey of their own from scratch. Apart from cooking, you can involve in shopping for the ingredients from traditional stalls around the Old Quarter. By discovering new aspects of the food, you may as well find cultural values you’ve never known.

Completing your culinary-cultural experience with us is the appearance of the restaurant itself. Located right in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Lang Lieu has such a tranquil vibe that you will immediately find peace the moment you step past the door. It’s decorated like an old Northern Vietnam village, where every single item is meticulously picked and represents history.

At Lang Lieu, a true Vietnam comes to you at all senses...

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