Best YouTube channels about Vietnamese street food

Vietnamese Street Cuisine is always the timeless story that even Vietnamese must send their whole lifetime on exploring the full interest of this story by themselves. However, thanks to food bloggers, we now can reduce this time by exploring the cultural beauty in Vietnamese street foods through food reviews of YouTube Channels. 

If you are also interested with the Vietnamese street food as us, we want to share with you about the hot YouTube channels which own billions of subscribes on YouTube; they have will give you standard review about Vietnamese Street foods with the neutral tone.      

Best Ever Food Review Show

“Best Ever Review Show” is the hot YouTube channel over the world with more than 4.2 million subscribers and owned by Sonny – a US person. His channel is major to review about the cuisine of the land where he put his foot to, especially Vietnam where Sonny calls it home. 

If you call on his channel, you will see his big love for Vietnam cuisine and Vietnam in general through the viewing list named “Vietnamese Food [Best ever Food Review Show]”. You will have a chance to explore unique Vietnamese street foods from cheap dishes to luxury foods in Vietnam. We believe that it can make your water mouth when you witness the way Sonny tasting food and his vivid feeling of food. This channel's voice is American English and some videos have English subtitles for you to follow.

The Food Ranger

The Food Ranger Channel is the next channel we want to recommend for you. Its host is Trevor James who made many videos about street cuisine in Vietnam. Different from Sonny above who review the Vietnamese cuisine, Trevor focus on reviewing the street foods in Vietnam and in each food stalls or restaurant he came, he always gives his comment on the footage of the screen and mark for his experience after tasting the dish there. Besides, he also reveals the name of the food stalls or restaurant and the way they prepare food for the customer; therefore, you will have a positive view and can pocket some addresses for the following food tour in Vietnam.

Travel Thirsty

“Travel Thirsty” is known with 4.9 million people subscribing worldwide. Surfing this channel, you will bump into the range of viewing lists they recorded about the street cuisine of many countries all over the world, one of which is Vietnam. Through the list “Vietnamese Street Food”, you will see 16 videos about Vietnamese street foods from Northern Vietnam to Southern Vietnam. The unique point of this channel is that there is no recommendation or voice of the YouTuber in the whole video. It sounds amateur in the first moment when you watch them but you hardly realize that the silence of the blogger makes you focus on the sound of the city, the crowd around and the sound of foods cooked that can make you “Thirsty” when seeing.

Mark Wiens

A famous YouTube blogger that many people will think first when mentioning to Travel and Food around the world is Mark Wiens who is the host of channel “Mark Wiens” we want to recommend for you. Mark Wiens has a special desire for travel and cuisine, he travels around the world and reviews the destinations as well as the foods in the countries he came across. In his playlist “Vietnamese Food”, he has about 27 videos; each video will comment about a dish or a restaurant with several Vietnamese foods so you can know deeply about this dish and this restaurant. In the video, Mark Wiens not only comments about the dishes he tastes but also mentions the address as well as the revenue for his meal. What is a convenient channel! 

Miss Mina

Miss Mina is the only YouTube Channel of the woman we want to recommend for you in this article. It really channels you must visit to plan to have a food tour in Vietnam. In her channel, she spend a playlist about her trip to Vietnam in a month with some videos about street foods from North to South of Vietnam and each place she visits, she always has the address mentioned on the footage of the screen with the price. The unique point of this blogger is the high energy and the little naughty of Mina are transmitted into her scenes, her dialogues and her emotions when tasting foods.

Khoai Lang Thang

The last YouTube channel we want to introduce and the only Vietnamese blogger in this article is Khoai Lang Thang who is a famous KOL in Vietnam about food and travel. In his channel, he will recommend for you the special destinations where they are not still known widely. In his trips, he will give you the wonderful experiences about the new lands in Vietnam, Vietnamese as well as the cuisine in the destination he stopped with the view of the Vietnamese native. That is the special point of Khoai – the nickname of the host of “Khoai Lang Thang” because he can give you the new view of the native and you will watch the daily life of the locals through his videos.

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