Bamboo Tube Rice - From Difficulty to Quintessence of Mountain

Bamboo Tube Rice or “Com Lam” is the popular dish in the Vietnamese mountainous areas such as Northwest or Central Highland of Vietnam; it is known as the quintessence of the mountain due to its purity. However, whether the origin of this dish is really as marvelous as its nickname or not is the thing that only some people in us know.

If you are questioning about the real origin of this dish, let’s find out the derivation of Bamboo Tube Rice with us!

Why was Bamboo Tube Rice born?

The story of the birth of Bamboo Tube Rice is sourced from the mountainous area of Vietnam where the ethnic groups such as Thai, Tay, Nung, Dao have been lived. The locals are farmers and earn for living by growing rice and raising the cattle in the mountains. However, their life is not stable; after the crop, they often move to another place to cultivate so the kitchen equipment is quite limited. Due to their lack, they thought the way to cook rice without kitchen equipment by using natural ingredients around them and bamboo is the popular tree on the mountains in the Northwest and Central of Vietnam.

Besides, another reason that makes the Bamboo Tube Rice still exist until now even when their life becomes stable is their working habit. The ethnic people living in the mountainous area frequently work in the giant farms on the mountain that is quite far from their home so coming back home to have lunch wastes so much time. Instead of that, they will have lunch at the working place and lunch food is an issue when they do not own much kitchen equipment. In this situation, Bamboo Tube Rice is a perfect lunchbox which they can prepare easily from the last evening and carry anywhere quickly.    

How is Bamboo Tube Rice made?

This is a question that many people are flashing when they know the magic existence of this dish. Why they could pick rice into the body of a bamboo tree is one of the common questions about this unique dish. The bamboo trees will be cut into small pipes with a covering side and the other is not.

After washing the bamboo tube freshly, people stuff eight portions of wet rice with one part of water and can add a little salt or coconut milk into the tube and use dried banana leaf to conceal the other side. Then, they will grill tubes on the fire until it is done and remove the skin of bamboo which is singed.

When eating, they use a knife or sharp equipment to uncover the tube and reveal the white rice with the fragrant smell of coconut milk and sticky rice. The bamboo tube rice is divided into small pieces and used with the salt mixing with sesame and peanut in the traditional way. The sweet and fragrant of sticky rice mingling with the buttery of that kind of salt makes you recognize that Bamboo Tube Rice is really the quintessence of the mountain.

When Bamboo is known wider now, this dish is upgraded more; it is not used with sesame salt but also tasted with much other special food of mountain areas such as grilled chicken or grilled fish and the sweet and sour sauce to increase the variety of this gift from the mountain.

Where do you taste Bamboo Tube Rice?

Bamboo Tube Rice is the special food of the mountainous areas in the Northwest of Vietnam or the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Therefore, if you have a chance to discover the destinations in these areas such as Ha Giang, Sapa, Dien Bien city, Lai Chau,  Moc Chau, you can taste the unique dish anywhere from the roadside food stalls to the local restaurant there. Moreover, when you visit Da Lat, you can eat Bamboo Pipe Rice in famous restaurants there; several names can be listed such as the Huong Rung restaurant in Da Phu, Ga Nuong Tam Nguyen restaurant in Ayun, Tuyet Hoa restaurant, etc. 

However, if you do not have opportunities to taste Bamboo Tube Rice in its hometown – the Vietnamese mountainous area, you still enjoy this dish in some big city in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi city. In Hanoi, you can visit the restaurant “Com Lam Pac Po” in 437Au Co Street, Tay Ho District. In Ho Chi Minh city, you can call on 167 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, 1st District or Official Residence number 2, Pham Ngu Lao Street, Go Vap District.

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