Crab paste vermicelli soup - a special variation of Vietnamese vermicelli

“Carb paste vermicelli soup” is a very special dish in Vietnam, who would have thought such delicious food would be made from the ingredients of country folk. Because of that, many people say that whenever they eat crab noodles, they think about their home country.


 “Bun rieu cua”, also known as “Grab paste vermicelli soup”, is one of the most popular dishes of Vietnamese from rural areas to urban areas because it possesses all three key elements: it is delicious, rich in flavor; nutritious and inexpensive. This dish is a Vietnamese traditional dish that is widely known domestically and internationally. There are many restaurants selling “bun rieu cua” on the streets all over Vietnam.

The process to nail “Bun rieu cua”


The main ingredients of this dish are rice noodles and crab paste soup. Crab paste are sour soup made from crab-roe, crushed and cooked crab body along with vertical fruits, tomatoes, lard, chew, fish sauce, salt, onion. It can usually be added a little shrimp sauce to add a rich flavor, often served with herbs.

How to cook grab paste?

If you want to have a good pot of crab paste, the most important step is crab selection. The crab must be a female, with a yellowish back, full flesh and lots of crab-roe.

You have to tear off the crab, remove the shell, coveralls, rinse several times for it to be clean, and then drain thoroughly before putting them into a mortar and pestle.

In order to give a delicious crab noodle soup, the crab must be pounded by hand. The body of the crab before adding to the mortar, you must add a little salt, the more finely ground, the more broth the more crab scum and retain the characteristic flavor.

Supporting ingredients used to cook crab paste soup are ripe tomatoes, garcinia multiflora

fruit or green tamarind, ripe tamarind.

How to nail the broth?

Broth is essential to the perfect taste of the dish. People use crab water to make it, and sometimes pork bone soup is used. When the water boils, the dark brown crab meat begins to float, crumbling into thin layers that’s when it can be used.

The broth has a strong sweet taste, slightly acidic and lightly spicy.

How to choose suitable vermicelli?

Rice vermicelli with crab noodles should be fresh with messy, tiny fiber; accompanying vegetables include sliced banana, lettuce, lettuce, coriander, basil, coriander, and oregano. Spices for the dish absolutely must not ignore the shrimp sauce.

The right way to enjoy “Bun rieu cua”

Crab vermicelli must be eaten when it’s still hot, while blowing and rubbing by the spicy taste of the tongue of the chili, the sweetness of the crab.

You should also add a little shrimp sauce to add a rich flavor, a few slices of tomatoes lying on top and some fresh chili, lemon slices served with chopped lettuce, herbs of all kinds.

Depending on the preferences you can give shrimp sauce or not. Nowadays, many restaurants also add ear rolls, beef, sausages in a bowl of “bun rieu cua”. To enjoy this dish in the right way, many people think that the sidewalk restaurants are the place that will bring you the most interesting feeling.

Where to eat the best “Bun rieu cua” in Hanoi?

  • “Bun rieu” store 

This stall is famous for the soup fulfilled with crab-roe. Besides, there is a combination of flipped duck eggs, so when you can enjoy a very unique taste here that you might never forget.

Address: 16 Hàng Lược street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Reference price: From 25,000 - 35,000 VND

  •  “Bun rieu bung”

The strange name is because the shop sells sidewalks with quite small space so most guests coming to eat have to serve themselves. However, it is worth it because of the delicious fresh noodles, clear broth, aromatic smell of crab and the vermicelli bowl that fits the sausages, beef, and beans.

Address: 25A, Bat Dan street, Hoan Kiem street, Hanoi.

Reference price: From 25,000 VND - 50,000 VND.

  • “Bun oc chuoi dau” (Bun rieu cua eaten with snails and banana)

The noodle restaurant here is very special, at a glance, you immediately recognize with snail stuffed snail, fried green banana vermicelli, yellow beans, and red tomatoes that look extremely attractive.

A very different point of the restaurant is it does not use kumquat or vinegar but using tamarind juice instead. So when you eat it has a tender, sour taste and a characteristic aroma. In addition, the restaurant also has raw vegetables to eat very clean and fresh.

Address: Dong Xuan Market, Hanoi

Reference price: 35,000 VND

If Pho is delicious in the sweet and greasy taste, the crab noodle soup is attractive in the perfect harmony between the sweetness of the crab meat, the sour sauce of the broth, the stick of noodles and the fresh herbs. You should definitely try this dish along with “pho” when visiting Vietnam.

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